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Technology Law

Tech-Savvy Ann Arbor Attorney Specializing in Privacy, Cybersecurity, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain

Most businesses today have an online presence and keep documents electronically, and with that comes legal risk. Entrust this critical part of your business with Choate Law, who has experience drafting technology contracts (i.e. software, SaaS, PaaS, EULA's), legal privacy notices, website policies, and cybersecurity breach protocols. Choate Law can also advise companies on the legalities of Smart Contracts, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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Privacy and the right to control one’s information are becoming a hot topic today, and rightly so. While businesses and corporations can view a customer’s information and profile as a helpful tool to personalize their online experience, many customers view certain types of usage as an invasion of their privacy. At the very least, most customers want to know how their information is being used, and they expect businesses and corporations to respect those wishes. The same is true when it comes to employees. Because privacy is an evolving area of law, companies would be wise to evaluate their current privacy policies – both internally (employees and customers) and externally (websites & customer/client contracts). Choate Law can counsel your business on the applicable laws and best practices for your particular business and industry, update your contracts and templates, review your website notices, and update your internal policies. For a consultation, call (734) 773-0723 now.

Privacy Services Include

  • Contracts
  • Customer / Client Privacy
  • Employee Privacy
  • Privacy Compliance - U.S., GDPR & Global laws
  • Website Privacy Notices
Technology Law Firm in Ann Arbor MI - Cybersecurity & Data - 0-tech-law

Cybersecurity and Data Breach
(External Security Threats)

A few years ago, the data breaches of Samsung and Equifax brought attention to the necessity of cybersecurity and the damage that a data breach can cause a corporation. While many businesses may agree that cybersecurity is essential, they may not think it is a real risk for their business and not worth the attention. However, a data breach can happen to any business – big or small – and even to universities, school districts, non-profits, etc. In fact, if your business has a website, takes online payments, stores payment methods electronically, stores any information electronically or in the cloud, or offers employees email accounts, etc., your business could be at risk for a potential cybersecurity attack.

At the very least, every company should have basic cybersecurity policies and best practices that they follow and a data breach response plan in place, just in case. Your company buys insurance for various risks, and having policies and processes in place for cybersecurity threats is no different. Kim Choate can provide legal counsel as to what potential threats your business could be subject to, recommend policies and plans that may be appropriate for your business, draft the necessary documents and provide training to your employees if desired. She can also review your contracts and templates, website notices, and other company documentation, and make recommendations if revisions would be appropriate to help mitigate liability risk. For a consultation, call (734) 773-0723 now.

Cybersecurity and Data Breach Services Include

  • Contracts
  • Counsel on Liability Risks
  • Cybersecurity Policies & Processes
  • Data Breach Response Plan
  • Internal Policies & Processes
  • Website Policies, Disclaimers & Terms of Use
  • Work with FBI & Government Officials
Technology Law Firm in Ann Arbor MI - Cybersecurity & Data - technology-law

Data and Information Security
(Internal Security Threats)

An area of potential risk for companies that often go unrecognized until it is too late is internal security threats and data theft. Like cybersecurity threats, internal security threats do not discriminate between small or large corporations. If you have employees and customers, your company has important data that it should protect.

Every business can take simple steps to protect itself. It can be as practical as having appropriately scoped employee non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements to protect important customer lists from theft and ensuring specific company databases are properly secured to mitigate the risk of theft and breach. For larger businesses and corporations, your information security could extend beyond the protection of customer lists – it could involve the protection of the company’s trade secrets and intellectual property. Making sure ownership of these intellectual property rights is clearly outlined in employment agreements is important. If your company has trade secrets, it is also critical to take proper internal steps to protect them from disclosure and theft. This could include adding provisions to certain contracts to restrict or limit information access.

Kim Choate has extensive experience implementing Data & Information Security policies and processes for multi-billion-dollar corporations, and she can provide your business with the recommended policies and processes needed to help mitigate information theft from internal threats. She has experience leading internal investigations and interviews when trade secret or data theft is suspected and can assist your company in these types of situations. Kim also has experience working with the FBI and government officials regarding suspected trade secret thefts. She can help put together a legal strategy to mitigate company loss and possibly recover restitution. For a consultation, call (734) 773-0723 now.

Data and Information Security Services Include

  • Contracts
  • Internal Data Management Policies & Processes
  • Internal Information Security Policies & Processes
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements
  • Work with FBI & Government Officials
  • Lead Internal Investigations for Security Breaches or Trade Secret Thefts
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Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Kim Choate is certified in Blockchain for Businesses through Cornell University. Her experience in contracts, legal processes, and certification in blockchain makes her uniquely positioned to partner with your business team to develop Smart Contracts, counsel you on whether accepting cryptocurrencies is right for your company and think through other legal issues surrounding implementing blockchain technology in your business or corporation. For a consultation, call (734) 773-0723 now.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Services Include

  • Blockchain Applications
  • Counseling
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Smart Contracts
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Technology Agreements

With new technology emerging, many businesses are expanding their services to meet the needs of their customers and clients, to improve their internal efficiency, or to otherwise upgrade dated websites, internal processes or software. With each new implementation or upgrade, a technology agreement is sure to be involved. New laws are emerging on consumers’ privacy rights, placing new responsibilities on businesses. Because of these evolving changes, it is important for businesses to make sure their agreements have terms in place that provide legal protection, or at the very least, make sure they understand the terms of the contract and its potential limitations. 

Before signing, contact Choate Law to review and provide counsel on your technology agreements. Where applicable, Kim Choate can help draft and negotiate the terms of your company’s technology contracts. She has the experience and knowledge to help your business, as she has drafted and negotiated to completion 100’s of common and complex technology agreements with Fortune 50 corporations, Big 10 consulting firms and other global companies. Kim Choate can also assist corporations in drafting and negotiating complex technology agreements, as she has drafted and negotiated $100M+ custom build PaaS technology agreements. For a consultation, call (734) 773-0723 now.

Technology Agreement Services Include

  • Custom Build
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Software

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